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JBER Access for Posie's Ruff Road Race and July 25th Elmendorf Time Trial
We have several races in the very near future that will require special access to JBER. It is mandatory that we supply JBER with racer's personal information in advance. Policy only allows us to submit our lists in batches. These lists will be sent in the oder received. 

If you plan to race any of the races on base you must complete the form with your information ASAP. 

View list of names submitted to JBER for approval.

Next list will be submitted on 7/13/15.

CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR INFORMATION FOR BASE ACCESS. This will allow you to submit the necessary information (required by JBER) we need (in a secure setting). EVEN IF YOU REMOTELY think you are going to participate in these races please submit your info immediately. Please note that every person in your vehicle (your family members or friends,) will also need to be included in this survey.

If you register at a later time and your name was not on the submitted list, we (or you) will have to find military personnel that can be your escort to get you on base. Please plan ahead!

If you are accessing base with a military ID holder you do not need to submit information. But if you think you will be accessing on your own, you must submit information. Please note that every person in your vehicle (your family members or friends,) will also need to be included in this survey.

If you are military and are willing to help with escorting your fellow racers on JBER, please notify the race directors at bike907@gmail.com.​

We are always open for suggestions for the road division Email: bike907@gmail.com.

Service High Crit - small numbers but big races!

Just 30 minutes before race time we were not sure if we would have enough racers to hold tonight's race, but some late folks and some last minute sign ups made for a fun night tonight at the Service High Crit.  All of the racers took to the course together for 45 minutes plus a lap.  This technical and sometimes "rutty" course kept people sharp in the saddle.  It was fun to watch the tight corners, fast racing, and plenty of jockeying for position.

Congrats and thank you to all of the racers who came out tonight.  Nice work Team Audi for your strong and fast showing in the Open Men's division. 
Results are posted
Pocketful of Posies #2 - Moose Run Time Trial: What a night!  Congrats to all

Five Open division women were under 26:00 minutes.  It was a tough race to battle in that group!  Amber Stull took first with less then a second to spare, just ahead of Kristin Wolf.  Jenny Kimball had no problem taking tops in the Intermediate division but indicated (with a smile) she'll be moving to Master Women 45+ very soon.  Backcountry Endurance rider Jill Valerius cruised to her first place finish by almost a minute.  

One more race next week to wrap up the Pocketful of Posies Series.  See you on base for the Ruff Road Circuit race on Wednesday, July 8th.  

Please make sure you are signed up to get on base.  View list of names submitted to JBER for approval.

If you are not on the list you'll have to be sponsored at the gate by one of our Club members who are military and have volunteered to assist on race day from 5:30 - 6:15pm.  More details to follow early next week.

Results are posted on the Race Results page above

Check out tonight's photos - Thanks Andy!

At our clinic last week Amber Stull reminded 
people that even had can be aerodynamic so 
we challenged the gals to wear braids or do 
something fun with their hair to make 
themselves more aero tonight - the fun also 
meant a few random prize winner.
Congrats to:
- Katie Bell whose braids earned her a Bike for Women jersey!
- Jennifer Slaughter whose ponytail earned her a free bike entry for a future road division race!
UPPER HUFFMAN - What could be better?  74 degrees, little wind and a bike race....UP HILL.

Congratulations goes to James Stull for a hands down finish to the top of UPPER HUFFMAN to take the Men's Open Division.  Andy Duenow had no problem taking the Master Men's Division.  

Results available by clicking on race results above.
Congratulations to all of the gals who raced Posie's tonight!

It was another perfect night for bike racing and a great way to kick off the Pocketful of Posies Cycling Series!  

It was great to see many familiar faces and so many new gals to the Club riding tonight. Everyone looked so strong coming across the finish line.

There were tight finishes for 1st and 2nd in both the Open and Novice divisions, with less than 5 seconds separating the winners from the the second place finishers. 

Results are posted!

Open - Julie Berberich
Intermediate - Aicha Hull
Master 45+ - Stacey Steinberg
Master 60+ - Lesley Yamauchi
Novice - Katie Spaulding
Junior - Cadence Stull

                                                       View and purchase race photos by Andy Romang
​​Pocketful of Posies All Women's Cycling Series 
Starts June 23rd!
Calling all the gals...don't miss out on this great 
cycling series designed just for you!

The Pocketful of Posies series is designed for 
women and girls of all different ability levels!

Did you enjoy Bike for Women?...you will love 
the Posies Series!

and great fun with cool cycling women!

All ability levels: novice, juniors, sport, masters and open!
Covering 3 basic types of bicycle races: hill climb, time trial and road race.

Schedule of Events
- Tuesday 6/23, 7:00pm: Women's Skills & Bike Mechanics Clinic (Trek Store/Alaska)
- Wednesday 6/24, 7:00pm: Potter Valley Hill Climb
- Wednesday 7/1, 7:00pm: Moose Run Time Trial
- Wednesday 7/8, 7:00pm: Ruff Road Road Race


It's fun, great exercise and you will have a blast.

​Entire Series (includes the Banquet & T-Shirt):
$70 adult / $20 Juniors (online)
Single Race: $18 adult / $5 Juniors (online)

Full event details can be found on the 2015 Posie's Flyer.
​​Upper Huffman Hill Climb, Thursday, June 25th - 7:00pm

Race #3 in the Hill Climb Series

Series results are updated too!  Check out the series standings after race #2.
Click here for Hill Climb Series Details

Upper Huffman Hill Climb is a tough but fun 8-mile race with 1,500 feet of elevation gain from Potter Marsh to the Upper Huffman trailhead. If your fans want to follow you and park at the trailhead, they'll need $5 or an annual state park pass.

This is race #3 of 7 in the Hill Climb Series. Even if you have not raced any of the hill climbs in the series, you are still eligible for the series prizes as long as you race in 3 of the series races.

Upper Huffman Hill Climb Course:  Mass start by division on Old Seward Highway at Potter Valley Parking Area. Head north on Old Seward to Rabbit Creek, east on Rabbit Creek to Hillside to Upper Huffman. At the T just up the road on Upper Huffman instead of going right up to Glen Alps the course will go left onto Sultana Dr to the Upper Huffman trailhead. The race will end in the large pull out just before the gate to the parking lot.
​​Point MacKenzie Road Race, Saturday, June 27th - 10:00am
Come on out for what should be a great day of racing.

We are just cueing up one race out at Point Mackenzie on Saturday...but don't worry the drive will be well worth it because we are making it a long road race! Get some great mileage in on one of the best roads we are all year!
Plus you can scope out the course for the Tour of Anchorage next month!
Great Pavement - Little Traffic - Beautiful Scenery!

- Open Men: 4 laps (97 miles)
- Open Women, Master Men 45+, Intermediate Men & Women, Master Women   
  45+: 3 laps (73 miles)
- Novice Men & Women, Master Men60+, Master Women 60+ 2 laps (49 miles)
- Juniors: 1 lap (24 miles)

Directions: From Anchorage, take the Glenn Highway north to Wasilla. In downtown Wasilla, turn left (south) onto Knik-Goose Bay Road. Continue on Knik-Goose Bay Road for approximately 17 miles. Bear right (west) onto Point MacKenzie Road. Continue on Point MacKenzie Road for approximately 7 miles to the Point MacKenzie General Store, on the right side of the road. Allow 1.5 hours driving time from downtown Anchorage. Water is NOT available on site.

Course: Start/finish to the left (south) of the Point MacKenzie/Burma Road T intersection, a few hundred feet west of the general store. Proceed south on Point MacKenzie Road for 12.2 miles. Turnaround is as at the end of the paved road, just before it turns to gravel. Return to the start by the same route. Each lap is 24.4 miles. The course is gently rolling hills and false flats. Pavement is excellent.
​​Davis Highway Time Trial - A Fast Beautiful Night for Racing!
There are not many nights better than tonight for bike racing. Especially for a time trial! JBER once again proved to be a great place for racing. The 9.0 mile out and back course, was fast tonight. A bit of a headwind probably helped keep the course records intact, but regardless there was great racing all around this evening.

Check out the race photos from Andy Romang here!

Richard Tilton had a decisive win in the Open Men's division with a time of 19:13.8, about 11 seconds ahead of Jason Lamoreaux. Racing in a different category, Brendan McKee posted posted the third fastest time of the evening at 20:03.8 for the win in the Master Men(45+) division. 

Congratulations to all of the winners:
  Intermediate Men: Charlie Lowell      Intermediate Women: Julie Vogler
  Junior Boys: Adam Ostberg
  Master Men(45+): Brendan McKee       Master Women(45+): Karen Morrison
  Master Men(60+): Bob Eastaugh         Master Women(60+): Diane Mowhinkel
  Novice Men: Mark Burson                  Novice Women: Gelsey Carmichael
  Open Men: Richard Tilton                 Open Women: Sheryl Loan

Results are posted!
​​Service Crit
Wow - what a night!  It ended well and was a lot of fun but going in to it your "ole" race director was not so sure.  Thank you to every one that stepped up to the plate and helped flag a very sketchy course.  We could not have done it without your support.  If you didn't get a Kaladi "coffee on us" card for helping out please see one of the RD's at the next race.

It might have started out sketchy but it ended well with partly cloudy skies, somewhat windy and a cool evening.   Each group managed to get a bit of speed up in between vehicles leaving the various events going on throughout the school area.  Needless to say, it was quite interesting but still FUN!

Tilton and Lynn (that would be Ethan), took off and nearly lapped the Open Men's pack beating the group by almost a minute.  Markus Doerry stayed with the Open Men (does this mean you're moving up Markus?) and finished strong (with the Open Mens pack) taking first among the Master Men's group.  

David Henke took first in the Intermediate group, three seconds ahead of Team Serrano members Justin Neff and Brian Shucker.  

Will Mouracade, hands down, took the Novice group with a three second lead over Mark Burson.  

Congrats too to the "toughest women" of the night:  Stacey Steinberg and Kimberly Bush for holding their own in the circle game of Crits.

Good Luck to everyone heading North for the Tour of Fairbanks.  May you have hot weather and being back podium finishes for the club.

Next race?  Davis Highway TT - June 18th

If you're not doing the TOF then have an enjoyable 15 days off off no racing!
(with just 13 people signed up it's hard to say what might happen between now and check-in thus the schedule below is tentative.)

Novice Men/Int. Men - 40 min.  - start 7:00 pm (4+2)
Open Men & Master Men – 45 min.  - start 7:45 pm (3+4)

again - ALL TIME APPROXIMATE depending on numbers and categories that sign up on line

What you've all been waiting for - the Service Crit course map.  We will not send out the order and start for the Crit until about 3pm on Wednesday as how many people sign up for what categories will make a big difference on what groups go out when.  Check back about 3pm on Wednesday.  

NEW RACE WEDNESDAY!  Service Criterium
Wednesday, June 3rd - 7:00 pm
We have scheduled a way cool new race venue for two criteriums this summer! Service High School has a great .5 mile loop with enough variation and turns to ensure it will be an exciting and fun venue to race.
Updated schedule is posted.
Map is coming soon and updates to the Crit Series will be posted soon as well. 

Register now!

It's a Wrap!   A fantastic end to the 2015 Spring Stage Race today
In good Spring Stage Race tradition the weekend of racing ended with a gorgeous day on the completely closed MLK Blvd.  With three separate starts today we watched the conditions go from warm, sunny and calm to very warm, very sunny and a bit breezy by the time the Open Men took to the road for the last race of the day. 
The deciding event for the Final GC for this series, the day was full of exciting sprints, breakaways, and jockeying to earn points to secure top honors. 

View Andy Romang's Gallery and purchase photos:
MLK Blvd - Stage 4
Campbell Airstrip Road - Stage 1

Congratulations to all of the GC Winners today:
   Intermediate Men:  Jacob Wahry
   Intermediate Women: Aicha Hull  (Alaska Tri Club)
   Junior Boys:  Riley Knott  (Goldstream Sports)
   Master Men(45+): Jens Beck  (Pip-Chain Reaction)
   Master Women(45+): Stacy Steinberg
   Master Men(60+): Bob Estaugh
   Novice Men: James Frederick
   Novice Women: Claire Coppel
   Open Men: John Sindell  (Pip-Chain Reaction)
   Open Women:  Stacey Kolstad

Spring Stage Races 2 & 3 – a great day of racing on JBER (Elmendorf Time Trial and Crit)
Another beautiful day for bike racing! The day started with virtually no wind for the morning time trial, making for some fast racing conditions as demonstrated with two course records being broken today! Sheryl Loan knocked out the course record previously held by Suzanne Wheatall with a time of 38:49. On the men’s side Jason Lamoreaux’s time of 34:22 was just a few seconds faster than previous record held by Daniel Folmar.  View all course records.

Fast times were the name of the game today - view all Stage 2 results here.

After some rest and relaxation in the sun between races, we took to the road again for the afternoon Crit. Enjoying the fast loop course, the crit had a bonus lap to earn some additional coveted points to help aid in the final standings of this omnium event. There were some fast and furious sprints and definitely points earned and lost to make for what will be exciting and strategic racing for Sunday’s MLK Circuit Race.

View Stage 3 results and GC After Stage 3 here.

Reminder for Sunday's MLK: parking is at the Albrecht Baseball fields parking lot - accessed only from Elmore Road.  Riders must access the start/finish area from the sidewalk or the bike path.  No riding on the course while there are races in progress.  

Spring Stage Race MLK - Sunday (5/31) 9:00 am - Start Order & Times
Spring Stage Race - Stage 1 Results Are Posted

What a night! Yet another perfect evening for racing, with continued sunshine and warm temperatures, and no wind at Campbell Airstrip Road Hill Climb. Going all the way to the to, racers had to endure a steep climb in the final portion of the climb followed by a fast finish. Races were tight! In the Open Men's field, It was a Pip-Chain Reaction one two punch for the top spots. Will Ross crossed the finish first just ahead of James Stull, Tim Bernsten and John Sindell, only 1.2 seconds separated the four of them. Sheryl Loan won the Open Women's race handily. There were tight races in the Intermediate Men with Own Ala, new to the Club this year his is a force to be reckoned with. Jens Beck had a comfortable lead for first place in the Master 45+ Men Category. Complete Stage 1 Potter Valley Hill Climb results are here.

May 29 - 31st.  

An entire weekend of racing.  Starting off with the Campbell Airstrip Road HC on Friday the 29th, followed by two races on Satruday the 30th with a TT at 10am and a Crit at 2pm, then ending the weekend with an all time favorite Circut Race at MLK on Sunday.  

Spring Stage Race Time Trial - Saturday  - 10:00 am start (YES, 10:00 am, and that's final!  Start list will be pull from the Campbell Airstrip Hill Climb Results.

Spring Stage Race Crit - Saturday (5/30) 2:00 pm - Start Order & Times

Spring Stage Race MLK - Sunday (5/31) 9:00 am - Start Order & Times

The Spring Stage Race is an Omnium event, with the General Classification decided by accumulated points instead of elapsed time. Points will be awarded in each stage.  See complete Spring Stage Race Flyer by clicking here.

If you have not submitted your name for the JBER clearance list please do so ASAP. Submissions received after 5/21/15 (this has been sent out several times) may not make the pre-cleared list for the Spring State Race. We will do our best to get these in, but we are limited to how many we can submit at a given time. A final list and race roster for the event will be submitted to base after 9pm on Wednesday. But don't wait until then.  Please add your name to the list as soon as possible. 

View the list that was submitted to JBER for all information received before 5/21/15.

As a reminder when going onto base:
  • If you are on the pre-cleared list you can driver directly to the Boniface gate. ALL passengers in the car must be on the list (unless driving in with a military id holder)
  • Driver’s must have proof of insurance with them
  • No studded tires!
  • No cell phone use!
  • No Headphones while riding bike on base - NO exceptions
  • Helmets must be worn at ALL times on the bike - even when riding to the check in table.

If you are not on the pre-clear list we will try to have Club members at the Boniface gate to sponsor people thru the gate at the following times:
Saturday, May 30th
  • 7:30 - 8:15am
  • 12:30 - 1:15pm

Please note that an ID holder can only sponsor a few people, we will do our best to get several.  

If you are a military ID holder and can assist, please email the Race Directors at bike907@gmail.com.

Racing Categories
- Open (formerly Expert)
- Intermediate (formerly Sport)
- Novice (formerly Beginner)
- Masters 45+
- Masters 60+
Visit the FAQ page for full details of the new categories​

Hill Climb and Criterium Race Series
Both the hill climb and crit series are back for 2015.

Mandatory Upgrade Policy
To ensure fair competition in the Novice and Intermediate categories, we are implementing a mandatory upgrade policy for 2014. It's simple: Novice or Intermediate racers who win a stage race overall general classification or five individual races in a season are required to upgrade to the 

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$25 on site 

Visit the race info page for special series and stage race fees.