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JBER Access for Spring Stage Race
We have several races in the very near future that will require special access to JBER. It is mandatory that we supply JBER with racer's personal information in advance. Policy only allows us to submit our lists in batches. These lists will be sent in the oder received. 

If you plan to race in the Spring Stage Race you must complete the form with your information ASAP.
The first list will be submitted on Monday, May 11th. The first fifty names received by Noon on Monday will be sent in. The next chance will be a week later. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND submitting your information now if you plan to race the Spring Stage Race May 29-31. 

CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR INFORMATION FOR BASE ACCESS. This will allow you to submit the necessary information (required by JBER) we need (in a secure setting). EVEN IF YOU REMOTELY think you are going to participate in these races please submit your info immediately. Please note that every person in your vehicle (your family members or friends,) will also need to be included in this survey.

If you register at a later time and your name was not on the submitted list, we (or you) will have to find military personnel that can be your escort to get you on base. Please plan ahead!

If you are accessing base with a military ID holder you do not need to submit information. But if you think you will be accessing on your own, you must submit information. Please note that every person in your vehicle (your family members or friends,) will also need to be included in this survey.

If you are military and are willing to help with escorting your fellow racers on JBER, please notify the race directors at bike907@gmail.com.​

We are always open for suggestions for the road division Email: bike907@gmail.com.

Sorry you missed it!  The LAST MOOSE RUN TT  of the season (except for Posies)

It was a great day and it was FAST!  Partly cloudy (no rain until post race), perfect temps and new pavement.  What could be better?

Richard Tilton takes all with a time of 21:47.4 followed close behind by Daniel Folmar with a time of 22:14.4.  

Ouch - that hurts.......Master Men 45+ winner has mechanical right out of the shoot and still takes top honors.  Brandan McKee at the top of the podium for MM with a time of 24:02.2.  Craig Walker just 15 seconds behind with a time of 24:17.3

Full Results listed here.

SPRING STAGE RACE - May 29 - 31st.  

An entire weekend of racing.  Starting off with the Campbell Airstrip Road HC on Friday the 29th, followed by two races on Satruday the 30th with a TT at 10am and a Crit at 2pm, then ending the weekend with an all time favorite Circut Race at MLK on Sunday.  

The Spring Stage Race is an Omnium event, with the General Classification decided by accumulated points instead of elapsed time. Points will be awarded in each stage.  See complete Spring Stage Race Flyer by clicking here.

If you have not submitted your name for the JBER clearance list please do so ASAP. Submissions received after 5/21/15 (this has been sent out several times) may not make the pre-cleared list for the Spring State Race. We will do our best to get these in, but we are limited to how many we can submit at a given time. A final list and race roster for the event will be submitted to base after 9pm on Wednesday. But don't wait until then.  Please add your name to the list as soon as possible. 

View the list that was submitted to JBER for all information received before 5/21/15.

As a reminder when going onto base:
  • If you are on the pre-cleared list you can driver directly to the Boniface gate. ALL passengers in the car must be on the list (unless driving in with a military id holder)
  • Driver’s must have proof of insurance with them
  • No studded tires!
  • No cell phone use!
  • No Headphones while riding bike on base - NO exceptions
  • Helmets must be worn at ALL times on the bike - even when riding to the check in table.

If you are not on the pre-clear list we will try to have Club members at the Boniface gate to sponsor people thru the gate at the following times:
Saturday, May 30th
  • 7:30 - 8:15am
  • 12:30 - 1:15pm

Please note that an ID holder can only sponsor a few people, we will do our best to get several.  

If you are a military ID holder and can assist, please email the Race Directors at bike907@gmail.com.

Racing Categories
- Open (formerly Expert)
- Intermediate (formerly Sport)
- Novice (formerly Beginner)
- Masters 45+
- Masters 60+
Visit the FAQ page for full details of the new categories​

Hill Climb and Criterium Race Series
Both the hill climb and crit series are back for 2015.

Mandatory Upgrade Policy
To ensure fair competition in the Novice and Intermediate categories, we are implementing a mandatory upgrade policy for 2014. It's simple: Novice or Intermediate racers who win a stage race overall general classification or five individual races in a season are required to upgrade to the 

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Race Fees
$18 online 
$25 on site 

Visit the race info page for special series and stage race fees.
May 29th - 31st

Great stage race is right around the corner.  See attached flyer for details.  

May 29 - Campbell Airstrip Hill Climb - 7:00 pm
May 30 - Elmendorf TT - 9:00 am
May 30 - Elmendorf Crit - 2:00 pm
May 31 - MLK Circuit Race - 9:00 am