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First Races of the Season:

4/26 - Potter Hill Climb
4/30 - Kincaid Loop Road Race
5/1 - Bike for Women
5/5 - Kulis Crit Series 1.1
KINCAID ROAD - ROAD RACE - BIKE FOR DUDES (and any woman who would like to too)

Revised Preliminary Results are available here.  Please email bike907@gmail.com with corrections or additions.

Saturday, April 30, 2016 - 10:00 a.m.

Course Details

All is a go for Saturday's bike race. You ladies who are not doing the Bike for Women on Sunday are more than welcome to come out as well. Registration will remain open until 9:00 p.m. Friday (4/29) night.  

The Kincaid road race consists of multiple laps of a 3.6 mile course. There is one short hill on the backside of the course, followed by a few rolling hills leading into the false flat finish. This is an amazing course that offers opportunities for climbers, sprinters, and breakaway specialists all in one race! Distances/Lap counts detailed below.

Kincaid Road Race Distances
Open Men - 14 laps (50 miles)
Open Women & Master Men(45+) 10 laps (36 miles)
Master Men(60+),Master Women(45+), Intermediate Women, Intermediate Men 8 laps (29 miles)
Novice Men, Master Women (60+) 6 laps (24 miles)
Novice Women & Juniors 4 laps (16 miles)

All racers will be on the road at the same time. Open Men out first. Each division will start 1-2 minutes apart.​

It would be hard to top the Bike for Women registration numbers of 700+ but let's give it a try...........sign up today!

Please be sure to arrive no later than 9:15 am to sign in EVEN IF YOU REGISTER ONLINE! Race sign in closes at 9:30 am. 

The staging area is located on Sand Lake Rd near the intersection with W 80th Ave. 

Tuesday, April 26th: Potter Valley HC

Results for Potter HC are available here. Thanks to everyone for coming out! 

Saturday, April 23rd: Moose Run 10 mile Time Trial

Results for Moose Run are available here.  Thanks to everyone for coming out! 

Racing Categories
- Open (formerly Expert)
- Intermediate (formerly Sport)
- Novice (formerly Beginner)
- Masters 45+
- Masters 60+
- Juniors
Visit the FAQ page for full details of the new categories​

Hill Climb and Criterium Race Series
For 2016, we're going to change things up a bit.  There will still be a hill climb and crit series, but there will be more races in the series.  The series will also be broken up so that you don't miss out on the whole season's series if you miss a couple of races.  Check out the race calendar to see what we have planned.

Mandatory Upgrade Policy
To ensure fair competition in the Novice and Intermediate categories, we are implementing a mandatory upgrade policy for 2014. It's simple: Novice or Intermediate racers who win a stage race overall general classification or five individual races in a season are required to upgrade to the next division up. 

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$18 online 
$25 on site 

Visit the race info page for special series and stage race fees.
Race Calendar
The 2016 Race Calendar is posted. Start planning your summer races now!