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Last Races of the Season:

8/18 - Kulis Crit
8/31 - Triple Hill Climb (with bonus)
9/1 - Kulis Crit (tentative)
9/6 - Seward to Anchorage
9/8  Kulis Crit (tentative)
That's a Wrap! Final race of the 2015 Road Race division tonight at Kulis!

The rain did not let up up until the tonight's race was about over, but that did not stop 6 (yes only 6) racers from coming out for the final race of the year....the Kulis Time Trial! ha! ha!  

In light of the small field the race directors decided to switch it up a bit and made the race into a 20 lap (approx 12 miles) time trial (drafting legal tonight).  Fun was had by all and every racer went home with a prize (beer, Qdoba dinners, Kaladi coffee certificates, and free ice cream were all up for grabs!)
Thanks to all who came out:  Shannon Titzel, James Frederick, Mike Hancock, Peter Jones, Michael Fischetti and Ken Wilhelm.

Results are posted!

Thanks for a great season everyone!

Kulis Crit Tonight - 7:00pm One Race

There are only 8 people signed up so far so we will have just 1 race at 7:00pm for all divisions.

Race Directors will be onsite by 5:45pm for onsite sign up. Hope to see more of you tonight! 
Last Crit and LAST of the Season - 9/8/15 
This is it gang, our last race of the season!  We are starting early again to grab a bit more daylight from what we are currently losing.  It's hard to say the lay out the exact start until we have an idea of how many more will be signing up.  We will post a start list between 330 - 400 pm on Tuesday for your planning purposes.  

We will also be doing the course clock wise and the start/finish will be just to the west (left) of the 2nd intersection as you come in to Kulis.

Onsite registration will be available at 530 pm

See you Tuesday night!
Another great Kulis Race - 9/1/15
While the fields were relatively small it was still a great night at Kulis.  The sun was out, the air warmer than we all thought it would be and the course switched up for a fun new feel on the course.

Racing the opposite direction from the "usual" and moving the finish to the other side of the course made for some tight turns, fast racing and exciting finishes.

Results are posted.

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Hill Climb and Criterium Race Series
Both the hill climb and crit series are back for 2015.

Mandatory Upgrade Policy
To ensure fair competition in the Novice and Intermediate categories, we are implementing a mandatory upgrade policy for 2014. It's simple: Novice or Intermediate racers who win a stage race overall general classification or five individual races in a season are required to upgrade to the next division up. 

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